To give Tune Hotel's existing bar at KLIA2 a unique facelift, we designed a neo-vintage bar inspired by Malaysian visual culture during the 80's.

Creative Direction - Suekmei     Design - Shijun      Illustration - Hee Hee
The Glasshouse Kafe offers a Western atmosphere for its patrons. However, as an airport hotel, most of its patrons don't originate from Malaysia and are very likely to have experienced a Western-themed bar in their home country. In addition to that, most of the patrons are only here for layovers - meaning they don't have the opportunity to explore the country. Hence our proposal for a neo-vintage Malaysian-themed bar to offer the patrons a fresh experience drawn from Malaysia's history.
Minum comes from the Malay Language for 'drink'. In addition to offering international travelers an experience unique to Malaysia, the locally-themed bar also strives to resonate with the local staffs at Tune Hotels, giving them a badge they can wear with pride.
Here we introduced a new staple — by referencing exercise books in Malaysian schools that are still being used today to resonate with the theme. Alterations made to replace the Name/Class/Subject section at the bottom of our reference.
We referenced traditional Malaysian signage in the creation of Minum's interior signage. Then we gave it a twist by using neon light to showcase the new logomark.

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